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Over 150 years of tradition…

The first fish canning firm supplying the French Navy’s general stores was founded in Bordeaux in 1824. This new firm was headed by Charles Désiré Rödel. These early canned fish products were intended for consumption by naval captains. Some of the products were retained to feed ships’ crews, while the remainder were sold at far-flung ports of call. Sailors therefore became Rödel’s very first representatives.

Since those early days, Rödel has continued to build its reputation and now offers a varied range of sardines, mackerel, tuna and other specialities of the sea.

… and quality

The moment the catch reaches port, the fish are carefully sorted. Only the very finest specimens are used to produce Rödel’s products. The fish are then prepared by hand with speed and skill.

The sardines are thoroughly rinsed and fried at 250°C for three minutes, then left to drip-dry at a cool temperature. Next, they are carefully arranged in staggered rows in traditional tin cans, where they are left to age. The quality of the sardines improves over time, as the flesh softens and becomes preserved in the oil.

Experts recommend at least six months’ ageing before consumption, with the optimal age standing at around 18 months or more. Rödel guarantees optimal quality by selecting only the very best fish, sticking rigorously to its recipes and taking pride in perfection.

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Our products are available in gourmet food stores and on www.lesbonsproduitsdumonde.com

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