Millesime sardines in extra virgin olive oil

Ref. 510.017

Fished in Brittany, these sardines were carefully selected and prepared in the traditional way from fresh fish. They are cleaned by hand, dried and browned in vegetable oil. Then, they are drained for at least 24 hours to make them more digestible. They are packed by hand and coated with extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction.

The quality of the sardines improves over time. This box is very tasty during the first year and it will be even more in subsequent years. Sardines become increasingly soft and glazed in their oil. However, we recommend that you enjoyed it within 10 years.

We recommend that you store these flat boxes in a dry place at moderate temperature for better impregnation.

Sardines à l'huile d'olive vierge extra millésimées - 510.017

Ingredients: sardines 75%, extra virgin olive oil 25%, salt.

Total net weight: 4.05oz

Once opened, we suggest you to consume it quickly.

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Nutritional values for 100g:

Energy: 1487kJ/359kcal
Fat: 32g
of which saturates: 4,9g
Carbohydrate: <0,5g
of which sugars: <0,5g
Proteins: 19g
Salt: 1g

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