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Ed's wondering about brake jobs--how do you know whether to replace the rotors pads or both? Tom and Ray cover all the bases in their reply starting with the history of brake pad materials what's used most often in modern cars and even make a prediction about the future of used brake rotors Get price


3 Ways to Clean Rotors

5-9-2019Brake rotors are very sensitive to certain products so be sure NOT to use products like WD-40 or other oil-based cleaners These can be even more difficult to clean off the rotor and make braking less effective or efficient Spray the rotor with your can of brake cleaner per the can's instructions Get price


When Should You Be Changing Your Brake Rotors?

Excessively Worn Brake Pads- Brake pads that are used past their recommended usage levels will damage rotors The screws that hold the brake pad together will begin to grind on the brake rotors during braking and over time grind a groove into the rotor Get price


Brake Grinding Noise Problems of Elantra

They said the rotors were building up corrosion so they would replace the brake pads After researching this it seems to be a pretty common problem I intend to insist tomorrow they change the rotors too but the fact still remains that there is now extensive damage to the front end of my car Get price


How and when to replace brake rotors

How and when to replace brake rotors All cars truck and SUV have brake rotors usually four of them and they are quite expensive When the time comes to replace brake rotors here is how to know if you really do need to replace brake rotors or if you can skim Get price


9 Causes of Grinding Noise Vibration When Braking

9 Causes of Grinding Noise Vibration When Braking If the rotors don't get used for a while If you have brake rotors that are worn or bad (warped gouged or cracked) they will make various sounds Rotors that are warped and not flat will create squealing or squeaking noises Get price


Ask Away! with Jeff Smith Should I Grind the Rough

22-12-2017I'm looking to buy some upgraded brake pads for my 2010 Chevy 1500 pickup as the brake pedal is starting to shudder on even light brake application He said he had to remove the pads and grind off this rough stuff on the pads that was almost like sandpaper If the rotors Get price


brake grind

brake grind Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts EKinNYC Joined Jul 21 2005 2 040 Posts Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 28 2006 when my foot starts to ease up off the brake pedal i hear a grinding noise from the brakes any ideas? Show Full Signature Biggie Smalls said it best Get price


I hear grinding from my rear brakes? What should I

1-7-2012In the last few days when I brake I hear a grinding noise from the rear wheels I called a local auto repair school in my area who will repair my brakes for no charge if I provide the parts (and donuts for the class ) But I'm not exactly sure what parts I need I picked up brake pads from Autozone but I don't know if I need anything else Get price


brake grind/drag (tried cleaning no go)

3-10-2008brake grind/drag (tried cleaning no go) It sounds like one or both rotors are warped Your dealer or a brake shop should be able to attach a micrometer to the vehicle and rotate the rotor to determine the runout brake grind drag Brake Actuator Grinding/Screeching? PriNomad Feb 11 Get price


Car gurus how much to resurface front brake rotors?

19-6-2011Second brake rotors do not warp What happens is that a rotor/pad set that is improperly broken in will get alternate rough and smooth spots on the rotor which will result in brake pulsation and steering wheel shake After getting new brakes you need to very carefully brake them in or you will create this symptom all over again Get price


Brake service pads rotors T and J Tire and Auto Service

Replacing Brake Pads Can Save Rotors! Brake service is important to your safety and letting them go can make the repair much more expensive This is because replacing brake pads is less expensive than replacing your brake rotors too T J Tire and Auto can help you with various types of brake pads to fit your needs and driving Get price


Brake pads rotors and maintenance

Probably not but whether it's a squeal or a grind brake noise means the brake system needs some attention Bring your vehicle to any of our stores and we'll be happy to take a look Q How long do brake pads and rotors last? All brake pads and rotors wear down The rate at which this happens depends on your driving style Get price



3-6-2015I have a 2014 Jetta and the rear brakes sound like metal on metal when used the first few stops after sitting a couple of hours I park in garages at work and home and the sound is awful This isn't the sound rotors make when rust builds up after driving in the rain This is nails on a chalkboard miserable I was going to take it in but I can Get price


Rubbing noise after rear rotor and brake change

24-6-2013I experienced this issue not to long ago after I changed my front brakes Turned out to be one of the brake pad tensioner clips contacting the top of the rotor If the noise is still there after the seating procedure as others have mentioned pull it apart and look for any contact points on those clips Get price


Shaking while braking even with new Front Rotors

15-12-2012Took my truck into to have my brakes looked at and ultimately fixed to eliminate the shaking and shuttering during braking The tech said the front end components were pretty tight but one of the front rotors was warped so I had them do a full brake job i e rotor replacement and new pads Get price


Brake Vibration

It is best to replace both rotors and brake pads at the same time Another option is to take your rotors to a local shop and have them grind them down However if the warping is severe it is better to replace them In my case the Corolla developed a shimmy shudder Get price


What Causes Front Brakes to Lock Up?

What Causes Front Brakes to Lo Home Vehicles Car Parts Maintenance Brakes How Long Do Brake Rotors Last? Why Do My Brakes Grind When I Come to a Stop? What Happens When You Drive With the Emergency Brake On? Brakes Locking Up - Information for You - ponduwebGet price


How to Grind Brake Rotors on a Vehicle

When general maintenance is done on a vehicle's brakes it usually involves a simple brake pad replacement During the pad replacement the rotors should also be checked for damage If they need to be repaired but the damage isn't bad enough to call for total replacement the rotors can be resurfaced Get price


Performance Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors

Slotted Brake Rotor Kit Slotted brake rotors have always been a great alternative for improving braking without the drilled holes Brake Performance created this kit to give improved stopping power over factory rotors while reducing heat noise pad fade and brake dust Get price


Front brake rotors slightly too thick

3-7-2017Front brake rotors slightly too thick Turned out the rotors were slightly thicker than the previous ones (about 1/16 inch thicker I believe) even though they were specified for my car Ended up putting the original rotors back on but I'm noticing now a pulsing when braking so I'm thinking now that the rotors might be slightly warped Get price


Do I Have to Turn Rotors When Changing Pads?

Mid-grade brake rotors or even high-grade will be better then low-balling price on the rotors While you're at it replace the rattle clips for the pads opposed to trying to clean them and make sure you use a quality brake silicone lubricant or graphite-based anti-seize compound to lubricate the respective parts Get price


Using Sandpaper to Roughen up Brake Rotors

30-4-2012My local brake shop is a 15 minute drive and charges me 10 bucks per rotor Average price fir new rotors for an import is around 120 on the pair IF you can get them Evo rotors were 900 for a pair But yeah 40 bucks to lose a bit of material or 1500 for new rotors all round you can safely bet that im going for a drive to the brake center Get price


Replacement Brake Parts

Rotors can also become grooved if the pads wear to the point the rivets or backing plate grind the rotor surface Brake rotor metallurgy and design can vary according to application Cast iron rotors can be one-piece or have a stamped steel center section Some replacement rotors are available drilled and/or slotted to help shed water and heat Get price


New brake pads/rotors grinding at low speeds ?

7-8-2007After replacing the brake pads and rotors and bedding them properly i get this grinding noise and a little bit of high pitch squeal at low speeds It occurs right before coming to a complete stop I do not hear anything at highway speeds or anything more than Get price


Resurface Rotors Cost

Brake rotor problems are rare but when they happen customers often say they have lost braking power or the vehicle's brakes are making noise There may be no symptoms at all related to replacing or resurfacing the brake rotors since it is recommended to resurface or change brake rotors when performing a standard disc brake service Get price


Resurfacing brake rotors?

27-9-2015How important is it to resurface (i e grind smooth) the brake rotors after changing brake pads assuming that the rotors still have lots of life left in them? The reason I ask is because a lot of home mechanics may change their brake pads at home but these people don't necessarily have access to lathes and other stuff that can Get price


Brake Repair Replacement

If so the problem could be that your brake lining is unevenly worn likely due to a hydraulic system component being worn - such as a caliper or brake hose – a test drive and brake inspection will be needed Brakes Grind or Growl A grinding or growling noise when you brake is a bad sign! It means you have completely worn down your brake pads Get price


Brake rotor grinding when moving after installing new pads

After changing the brake pads and rotors of my 2006 Buick Lucerne I hear a scraping /grinding noise that corresponds with the rotation of the wheel so the faster I go the faster the noise goes The grinding stops when breaks are pressed Braking perfromance appears to be perfectly fine Get price



BMW and MINI – Warped Brake Rotors Short Pad Life or Uneven Pad Wear August 12 2014 Share This answer is applicable for many BMWs and MINIs in addition to the one listed below Q Dear Otto I have a 2007 328i I started to get a vibration through the steering wheel when braking so I figured the brake rotors were warped Get price

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